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PLEASE GO TO OUR CORONAVIRUS page to find the most recent updates 

Polk County Public Health has additional guidance for the Diocesan School Mitigation Plan (updated Sept 21) for students/faculty/staff to address COVID TESTING Wait Time: Anyone waiting results of a COVID test must stay home until the test results come back to verify it is a Negative test. IDPH LINK | 3 KEY STEPS WAITING FOR RESULTS LINK | CDC LINK

IMPORTANT COVID Absence/Homework guidelines 

  1. If your child has an extended absence, please communicate with the classroom teacher about make-up work and your availability for picking up classroom materials.
  2. If you choose to self-quarantine these will be counted as excused absences. Please contact the classroom teacher about make-up work and your availability for picking up classroom materials (please ensure notify the attendance line at 255 3162 x 114 or email
  3. If you receive the COVID note from the school, the grade band means the following:
  • Preschool grade band (3 and 4 year olds)
  • K/1 grade band (kindergarten and 1st grades)
  • 2/3 grade band (2nd and 3rd grades)
  • 4/5 grade band (4th and 5th grades)
  • Middle school (6,7,8 grades) grade band

2020-21 Return To Learn Handbook | Infographic | Booklet  

IMPORTANT VACCINE UPDATE from all the Bishops in Iowa. Please read this letter regarding taking the COVID Vaccine.

FLU vs COVID Please review this most recent document from Polk County Health Dept. If you haven’t already, please consider getting the flu shot soon. The flu shot is recommended for everyone ages six months and older annually. Unfortunately we are unable to hold a flu vaccine clinic here at the school this year, but if you need help finding a location to obtain the vaccine, don’t hesitate to contact the school nurse with questions. 515 255 3162 x113

Traveling Wherever your travels take you, stay healthy and safe with these tips from CDC Travelers’ Health. Here is a map from AAA with all of the most current COVID guidelines and restrictions across the US for reference as well.