Vision & Mission


Holy Trinity and all Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Des Moines are collaborative communities of spiritual formation and academic excellence based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Students grow in faith and wisdom and emerge as responsible citizens dedicated to the practice of life-long discipleship.


Develop and inspire learning for life by providing a world-class education within a Catholic environment for students. Learn more.

Belief Statements

We believe…

  • Catholic schools exist to enable students to learn the traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church and to carry out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in their daily lives.
  • Each student in Catholic schools experiences the value of human dignity and the concepts of peace and justice to enable them to participate in a global society.
  • Catholic schools and parishes partner with parents to educate their children.
  • Catholic school educators apply research-based curricula and instructional strategies that enhance the learning of all students.


Diocese of Des Moines Essential Learnings

Diocese of Des Moines Catholic Schools are fully accredited and provide excellent education. With an expansive curriculum and wholesome extracurricular options, they lead to impactful student outcomes. Learn more.

Essential Academic Learnings

Students will…

  • Access and use information effectively.
  • Apply technology competently.
  • Think critically and creatively.
  • Solve problems independently and cooperatively.
  • Reason scientifically, mathematically, and historically.


Essential Spiritual and Social Learning

Students will…

  • Accept church, civic, and personal responsibility.
  • Anticipate and constructively react to change.
  • Communicate ideas and feelings effectively in various ways.
  • Demonstrate global awareness, cross-cultural understanding, and social justice principles.
  • Demonstrate personal wellness practices.
  • Cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the arts.