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Welcome to Our Catholic School!

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We provide a world-class education for your children within a values-based Catholic School setting. Holy Trinity Catholic School is a safe, nurturing place for your child to grow surrounded with faith-filled learning. Our emphasis is the total student: academically, artistically, physically, spiritually, socially and emotionally. Graduates of Holy Trinity Catholic School go on to do well in high school, college and beyond. Our education sets the stage for a lifetime of happiness, service to community, success in life and true connection.

We have exceptional teachers and staff who are committed to creative innovation in the classrooms, increased interactive inspiration within distance learning assignments and actively engaged in turning students into lifelong learners. This gives your children a solid foundation where each pupil is encouraged to fulfill their potential and achieve academic excellence—whether inside our four walls or working at home. We also provide tablets and laptops to ensure no students goes without the technology they need to succeed.

Holy Trinity Catholic School is the right choice for you if you believe, as we do, that education is not a path you travel alone, but a journey we are all taking together. Thank you and God bless — Melissa Reder, Principal

VOTE FOR HOLY TRINITY SCHOOL in DSM Register’s Metro’s Best 

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