Nutrition Services

National School Lunch Program

The school complies with the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), requiring fresh fruits, vegetables, and new recipes with leafy greens, red and orange vegetables, beans, legumes, and staples needed for a well-balanced diet.

All lunches include five food components: protein, vegetables, fruit, grains, and milk. Students are not required to take all five. However, students must take three, and one must be a fruit or vegetable.

Wellness Plan

Holy Trinity is a Team Nutrition School. We work closely with the USDA to improve and promote the health of our school children, serving low-fat and low-sodium lunches that include more grains, vegetables, and fruit. In addition to a hot lunch, an extensive ala carte table is available to fourth- through eighth-grade students during lunch.

Prices & Schedules

Visitors are welcome to eat lunch with students. Please notify the school before 10 a.m. that day. As a federally funded lunch program, no outside food from a restaurant is allowed in the lunchroom. Candy, gum, and soda are not allowed. If outside food enters the lunchroom, nutrition services staff remove it and ask that school lunch be purchased instead.

Manage School Meal Accounts

Visit the JMC Family Portal to deposit money into school meal accounts and view balances anytime. Paying with cash or check? Send payments to the school in an envelope labeled “Lunch Money” with the name, grade, and teacher. Households sending one check for multiple students must indicate how much money to apply to each account on the envelope. Contact the Director of Nutrition Services for assistance.

Free and Reduced Price School Meals

The National School Lunch Program allows Holy Trinity to offer Free and Reduced Price School Meals to qualifying households and accept applications any time during the school year. This is a confidential application process. Visit the JMC Family Portal to apply, and contact the Director of Nutrition Services for assistance.

Birthday Treats Policy

Students enjoy celebrating their special day with their classmates, and we encourage students to celebrate with non-food items such as pencils, erasers, stickers, bookmarks, etc. Students may also participate in the Birthday Book Club and donate books to their classroom library or the Media Center.

We model a healthy environment among staff and students daily according to the Healthy Kids Act, established by the Iowa Legislature to promote a healthy lifestyle. Households must order celebratory food and treats from the Director of Nutrition Services at least two weeks before the event. No outside food will be allowed for birthday treats.