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The Eucharist is the center of the life of the Church and by giving Honor to God, Eucharistic Adoration touches the heart of her mission.

Holy Trinity observes Adoration of the Blessed
on Thursdays from 2PM until 9PM

Rosary at 4:15 PM

It is a very hopeful sign of the new “springtime of holiness” for the Church that, in ever more places, the faithful are participating in regular adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament. When there is faith, devotion and reverence for the Eucharist, the faithful grow in charity and holiness, and the community is blessed with a variety of vocations that serve the Church and all souls with joy and simplicity.

In the Eucharist, Jesus offers Himself to the Father and He deserves our worship and adoration. For Adoration… Pray as you like. Reading and meditation lead to communion with the Lord or just bask in the light of the Eucharist. St. John of the Cross said: “One instant of pure love is more precious in the eyes of God and more profitable to the whole Church than all good works put together.” Come before the Blessed Sacrament to share your pure love.

Some things to expect at Adoration: 1) Genuflection in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, whether the Eucharist is in the tabernacle or exposed for public adoration. 2) There is exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance and candles are lit. 3) Praying, reading the Word of God, reading prayer books, and silent prayer & adoration as well as praying the rosary are all ways to worship during your time in Adoration. If you have any questions regarding Adoration, please contact Pastoral Care Minister at 255-3162 ext. 124.

In Adoration, we respond to Jesus’ prayer: “Pray with me, stay with me, watch and pray.” Join Us on Thursdays.

Advent Taize Prayer Service

“It is a time to rest in God, to let the words listened to and sung penetrate one’s being.”

At Holy Trinity, Taize prayer is held on most Sundays during Advent. Gathered in the presence of Christ, Taizé is a meditative prayer service. Imagine the beautiful scene. There is silence, the Church lights are dim, on the altar table and the floor as well as the steps around it dozens of candles flicker. It is moving as people chant together or a lector reads from the Scripture or the psalms. You will enjoy moments of silence & peace in this often very busy season.

Moreover, Taize is an ecumenical form of prayer meant to foster reconciliation and peace among all people. Christians of all traditions can share in this ecumenical prayer

This is a TaizĂ© prayer service…Join us this Advent.