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Host Easter Vigil Reception
To celebrate and welcome new members who entered the Church at the Easter Vigil, a party is held after the Easter Vigil service. Volunteer opportunities include serving food and setting up the reception. Lori Marso 515-255-3162 

Parish Welcoming Committee
A team of parishioners who reach out to new members of the parish to invite them to events, host gatherings, introduce them to other members of the parish and provide information about our parish and school. Francis Bogges, 515-822-1434 

Lenten Suppers
Fish Fry offered multiple Friday evenings during Lent. Hosted by Knights of Columbus. John Mertes, Faith Formation Director 515-255-3162 ext. 224

Senior Dinners
An annual dinner for senior members of the parish. Looking for Volunteers.

Coffee and Donuts
Pick up and serve donuts, coffee and juice after Mass for parish community building. Carolyn Rainey, 515-255-3162 x128

Serving Meals for Funeral Dinners
When the need arises, volunteers provide support and comfort for the family and friends of the deceased by offering a funeral meal in the parish hall. Carolyn Rainey 515-255-3162 ext. 128.