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September Blog | Why the ARTS Matter | By Jazmine Johnson, Elysia Crecelius and Katherine Bergman

At Holy Trinity, we believe in teaching the whole student in wisdom and faith. That’s why our focus is on S.T.R.E.A.M.: Science, Technology, Religion, ARTS and Math. At Holy Trinity, arts and arts education is not a luxury but an integral part of our overall academic excellence. According to Ovation, an initiative for the Arts:

  • Children engaged in Arts programs are 4X more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
  • Childhood arts exposure is overwhelmingly correlated to success as an adult regardless of field
  • Studies show that students who have strong exposure to the arts are more satisfied in school
  • Arts participation strengthens creativity the fuel that drive innovation which is the key to the nation’s economic recovery and global competitiveness 
  • Students with high arts participation are 5X less likely to drop out of school

Today’s definition of arts education has evolved considerably from what it once was. Holy Trinity’s arts programs encompass a wide array of disciplines – from fine arts to digital media, from music to movement  and artists in residence – all encourage creative thinking, problem solving, and healthy emotional development among other things. In fact, art education is a vital component in our well-rounded curriculum. 

Please watch these videos from our exceptional “A’” Team of Holy Trinity Arts teachers to hear in their own words why they believe the ARTS matter for your child.