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November Blog | Thanks & Hope | By Jenith Burry

Have you ever heard this song written years ago by Johnny Mercer? 

You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch onto the affirmative…
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

It’s been recorded by numerous artists from when it was first created in 1944 all the way up to today. I bring it up because it’s 1) the key to finding happiness; 2) the secret to creating hope; 3) what ultimately feeds thankfulness — which goes on to cycle right back toward number one. 

During November, traditionally a time of Thanks & Hope, these lyrics can provide a simple way to set your mindset for the month. You can use that phrase to get through the shift from fall toward winter, from crowds to close-knit gatherings, from holiday busy-ness to at home coziness.

I also try to use every Thursday in the month, not just Thanksgiving Day, to Give Thanks & Hope: Thankfulness for what I have and Hope to someone who could use support at this time. Posting and sharing my #ThankfulThursday keeps me grounded in what was good that week, along with how I may be able to contribute to that positive energy. Because I am all about the Positive!!! 

We all have our ways of sharing our thankfulness and hopefulness. What’s yours? We asked your children and here is what they had to say: