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September Blog | Raise Your Hand | By Liz Brott

Hello all! I am the new Assistant Principal at Holy Trinity Catholic School, Liz Brott. I’m excited to be in this role for numerous reasons, including getting to spend more time outside the classrooms with each of our Holy Trinity families. One reason I got this job–was because I raised my hand–I wanted to do my part in leading this school into its next century (after all, we have been around since 1922, but that story is for another blog!).

Our theme this year for the school is Live, Love, Laugh in Faith and it’s based on the book the parish handed out this last Easter from Matthew Kelly titled “I Heard God Laugh”. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to finish this inspirational read designed to motivate you to invite God into ALL of your life.

Building on this, we are looking at getting our whole parish community this year–church AND school--to reconnect with each other through volunteering and getting involved in all of the wonderful things we do here at Holy Trinity from the Walkathon to the Beaverdale Holiday Boutique to the Gala Auction to the Garage Sale and so much more!

Yes, volunteering helps make Holy Trinity the incredible place that we all know and love, but it will also bring your family closer together with God, with your community and with each other. This is a gift to your parish that gives back to you!

But if that isn’t enough, we are even offering some rewards and incentives for you to do so (like Comfy Clothes passes, Beaverdale Holiday Bucks, and Gala Auction Bucks). Please won’t you raise your hand to do your part?

We hope you and your family sign up to volunteer — you’ll be glad you did. It will remind your children/grandkids/family about how important it is to care about and support your community. It will also help you Live with Faith Love with Faith and Laugh with Faith together, just as we plan to do with all of your students!

Please contact Ashley Wieck if you want to find out more about helping with the Walkathon in October or contact Jen Witt to take part in the Beaverdale Holiday Boutique in November. If you want even more options, please go to our website link and pick and choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities!! If you want to be added to our Volunteer list please click here and let us know what you are interested in helping with.

Thank you all for all you do! You are the best. I have so enjoyed my past 7 years here as an 8th grade teacher and look forward to many more years ahead working in Administration.

God bless.