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Apr Blog | Looking to Our Future / Night of the Century Gala Auction | By Andy Negrete

Have you seen the Netflix movie “The Two Popes”? I really enjoyed it. It gave me insight into both Pope Benedict and Pope Francis that I didn’t have before watching it. It also got me to thinking about the Holy Trinity Gala Auction. Why you ask? The film is (don’t worry, no spoilers here) a dialogue between two generational actors, each playing a man who was selected to lead the Roman Catholic Church in the 21st century. Their debate is one that is raging inside every faith community on Earth: Is religion a tent that expands and adapts, allowing more and more seekers under its protective folds? Or is religion a mighty bulwark that the righteous run into for safety against the buffeting storm of modernity?

I like to think that Holy Trinity is the former versus the latter: ever-expanding and adapting to meet the needs of the school, church and community–inviting more and more into its protective arms. We have grown and evolved as a parish over the last 100 years from when Father Francis Ostdiek started as the founding pastor on June 26, 1920. Originating from a rich history and modest beginnings, the current building known as Holy Trinity Catholic Church was completed in 1957 and the old stand-alone church became the Parish hall. However, Holy Trinity is more than a physical structure that has changed over time. It’s a group of parishioners, parents, priests, educators, students and staff who have transformed a humble gathering spot into a major contributor in the Des Moines metro academic and faith communities. Truly a Journey We Have All Taken Together.

Soon, not when we originally planned, but as soon as we are able, we will gather at our Night of the Century Gala Auction for fellowship, food, fun and fundraising. We are working hard to ensure this will be an evening for the decades: honoring our past, enjoying the moment right now and setting our sights toward the future (with some incredible items to bid on, fabulous food for everyone to enjoy and good times for all). Our goal is to keep supporting our evolving parish so that it can stand the test of time. We hope you join us!

To inspire you for this event I leave you with lyrics from one of Pope Francis’ favorite bands, the Beatles: 

“And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make”

Let’s show our love for this place we all love so much: Holy Trinity. We look forward to seeing everyone!!  To sponsor or donate, please click here: