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Your Child will Love our School | By Principal Anne Franklin

Hello Holy Trinity! We at Holy Trinity School LOVE this time of year! It’s our opportunity to welcome our current and new families to enroll for the next year of education. We’re excited to be able to also celebrate our parish Centennial and to have started the new Centennial Scholarship fund to help families offer Catholic Education to future students. We know here at Holy Trinity that Catholic Education is truly an investment in your child’s future. But no matter how great we think our school is, none are better than our students to tell you why they love it here and your child will LOVE IT too…

Max: Holy Trinity to me is a very special place. It is open arms and you instantly feel welcomed. Christ is very special to me and this school really focuses on Christ. The friends you make are great and the teachers are amazing. You will get a great education here. I love HT!!

Bridget: One of my favorite things about Holy Trinity is the people here especially the teachers. The teachers here are always willing to help you and keep you safe. They make learning fun and enjoyable. Holy Trinity has prepared me for the rest of my life by teaching me to be kind and a help to others.

Emily: 1. Being a student means being as one we all are one in Christ and everyone is welcome no matter the race. 2. I love HT because everyone is so welcoming and no one treats someone different because of their race or skin color 3. We all have to work together on some projects and we learn about teamwork 4. I love band and choir they are both really fun to do and I like everything about this school we are all one in Christ

Braedon: I like HT because of clubs, going to mass, and STEM. It has prepared me for high school by having a block schedule. My favorite things are clubs, STEM, music, Mass, having different classes everyday, and having study hall

Gabe: being responsible, and respectful to others. I love it because we have good teachers and staff. I think a good character trait is needing to be responsible and caring. Here at holy trinity it is very easy to make friends. We don’t have a lot of homework in middle school but it is kind of hard when you start but then you start to catch on.

Charlie: What it means to be an HT student is that you are a learner and a leader. I love HT because I get to learn about cool things everyday and get to have fun. Holy Trinity has prepared me for the rest of my life by teaching me skills like reading, writing, and computation to help me in high school, college, and my future job. My favorite subjects at school are band and my classes like Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Math, LA, and Religion. My other favorite thing about HT is the great teachers that teach us.