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Distance Learning

“…this term has become a part of our everyday life over the past months. While face-to-face interaction between students and teachers is undoubtedly the best learning environment, as we have come to realize, that is not always possible. Holy Trinity stepped up to the challenge of continuing to educate our children like I never could have expected. In the space of one week, they had a plan, communication strategy and equipment available for students where needed. My son receives daily assignments and interaction with teachers in not only the core subjects but also, band, art, technology and P.E. As a parent working from home, I appreciate the structure and learning throughout the day. The commitment of our Holy Trinity teachers, many of whom are also home with kids, is inspirational. In “normal” times we may be asked the value of an education at Holy Trinity. While I could have never imagined our current circumstance, the value of having my child at Holy Trinity has never been more clear.” — Jolene–Holy Trinity Parent

“Ok…I’m going to try not to get emotional when writing this but I just want you to know how AWESOME Holy Trinity has been throughout the 2019-20 school year. I was SO IMPRESSED with the curriculum. My kids were constantly challenged academically, even with classes being online. They learned new skills and never missed a subject all because of the incredible planning and implementing of the HT staff. We were all amazed at how well and quickly you all pulled everything off, never missing a beat, once we got word we were not able to go back to school after spring break. You ALL deserve to be commended for that.” — Laura–Holy Trinity Parent


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