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Q: Is Holy Trinity an accredited Catholic School?
A: Yes, Holy Trinity is fully accredited by the State of Iowa

Q; Are all Holy Trinity Teachers licensed and endorsed to teach in their assigned area?
A: Yes, Holy Trinity Teachers are licensed by the Board of Educational Examiners of the State of Iowa. All teachers teach only in the areas for which they endorsed by the State of Iowa. This year, 52% of our teachers attended a Catholic school themselves. This year, 39% have master’s degrees and 58% have specialized endorsement in reading instruction.

Q: What is the average classroom size at Holy Trinity?
A: We have around 20 students per class 

Q: What Financial Assistance is Available?
A: Thanks to the generous support of many donors, we are able to offer financial assistance through the Catholic Tuition Organization (CTO) and Project HOPE funds. We also offer public school Transfer Tuition Grants for new students for up to $1500!

Q: What is the Catholic Tuition Organization?
A: CTO is a non-profit organization that grants tuition awards to families who need financial assistance. During the 2017-2018 school year, over 1500 students were able to afford Catholic Education through the help of CTO. For more information visit the CTO website.

Q: When my student graduates, what tuition assistance is there to be had for Dowling?
A: Dowling Catholic is committed to making a Catholic education affordable to all, regardless of financial circumstances. Please see attached flyer for more info.

Q: What if my child has special learning needs?
A: Holy Trinity has multiple interventionists to provide additional academic support to those in need, including early childhood reading, Title 1 Math, Title 1 Reading and English Language Learners.

Q: Do I need to be Catholic to attend?
A: The Catholic faith is integral to all aspects of school life, however we welcome families of all faith traditions.

Q: How can parents be involved?
A: Holy Trinity believes that we are partners with parents in the education of their children. We encourage parents to be actively involved in their student’s school experience. Holy Trinity holds parent teacher conferences twice a year and parents can meet with teachers throughout the year. There are also many opportunities to volunteer within the school and individual classrooms, as well as with special projects and field trips. We have a Parent Teacher Organization and Board of Education that promotes communication between parents, administration, faculty, staff and students. 

Q: Are students involved in service projects?
A: Yes, all grades participate in various service projects throughout the school year. Projects benefit a variety of Catholic Charities, non-profit organizations and causes.

Q: How is technology used in classrooms?
A: Holy Trinity incorporates developmentally appropriate technology in all classrooms along with a dedicated STREAM lab plus new STREAM club. We have our own STREAM teacher and lab plus the new club allows for those who may want to learn coding–very topical to 21st century skills. We also offer ‘virtual’ field trips — the last one was to the Canadian Parks which students explored with GoogleVR. Every classroom features Promethean Smart Boards, with preschool to 8th grade utilizing Samsung tablets daily, 2nd – 8th grade using Google Chromebooks. The middle school classes have a 1:1 Chromebook in every class from 6-8th grade. Holy Trinity is also a Governor’s Scale-Up STEM Award Winner 5 years in a row!

Q: Are Extracurricular Activities offered?
A: We break our special offerings into 4 categories:


  • Mock Trial
  • Speech & Debate
  • Afterschool Art Classes
  • STREAM Club, Lego Club, Chess Club and more


  • Parochial Athletic Leagues: Basketball, Volleyball, track, football, 
  • Musicals, Choir and Band
  • Cheerleading


  • Boy and Girl Scouts
  • Student Council
  • Service Projects


  • Daily Prayer/Religion Classes/Gospel Values in Daily Instruction
  • All School Masses
  • Monthly Mission Awareness Jeans Day
  • Religious seasons and holy days celebrated

Q: What curriculum is used in your school?
A: Holy Trinity follows offers enhanced curriculum including:

  • Iowa Core Curriculum
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Daily Five Reading Framework (grades K-1)
  • B.U.I.L.D. Math Workshop Model (grades K-1)
  • Inquiry-based Science
  • English Language Learning (E.L.L)
  • Everyday Mathematics (grades K-5)
  • Open Up Illustrative Mathematics (grades 6-8)
  • Algebra (Middle School)
  • Spanish (Middle School)
  • Learning Support Program
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Q: Can I eat lunch with my student?
A: Unfortunately, COVID restrictions do not allow parents to eat with their children right now.

Q: We LOVE Holy Trinity! But we are moving. How do I unenroll?
A: We wish you the best! Please contact us via email at with student name, grade and date of transfer.