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Transitional Kindergarten

A Program for Five-Year-Olds

Holy Trinity School offers the option of a program for five-year-olds that we call Transitional Kindergarten. This 20+ year program has been planned and designed to give your child experiences in all areas of play and development while also allowing him or her the gift of time. Recognizing that all young children develop at different times and in different ways, our goal is to create a stimulating and comfortable classroom environment in which the children are free to explore, manipulate and express themselves at each of their own unique levels of transition.

Transitional Kindergarten meets five days a week, Monday through Friday. We offer a half day program from 12:05PM to 3:20PM which provides learning through play delivered by a certified elementary teacher. We also offer a full day program from 8AM to 3:20PM that blends academic learning delivered by a certified elementary teacher with faith-based socio-emotional learning through our DHS licensed childcare program. 

We invite you to explore this educational option for your child. If you choose the Transitional Kindergarten classroom for your child, he or she will have many “hands on” experiences that include:

Language Arts: Shared Reading, interactive reading and writing. Large and small group discussions, language experience charts, and many fine literature experiences. A once weekly visit to the media center allows the children to select and check out library books to enjoy at home.

Math: Fun, play-oriented activities and learning centers can develop skills and confidence in counting and number recognition, as well as patterning and graphing. Learning takes place through direct manipulation of materials, block building, sorting, comparing, sequencing and ordering. Computers are also introduced and explored in the classroom.

Science: Observation, measuring, exploration and problem solving are all part of the Science Center. Experiences and activities here will stimulate the children’s senses and allow for an increased awareness of the natural world around them.

Fine Motor/Art: A creative process allowing for choice, exploration and imaginative expression. Techniques such as easel painting, finger painting, play dough, drawing with different utensils such as crayons, markers, or chalk all help strengthen cutting and drawing and fine motor skills.

Handwriting Without Tears is a handwriting program that is introduced in the Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten programs. This handwriting program is continued in the Kindergarten and lower elementary classrooms, providing a continuous and natural progression of the handwriting process and letter formation.

Large Motor: Large muscle activities such as balancing, running, climbing, skipping, throwing and catching will strengthen confidence in large motor skills. A once weekly P.E. Class with our P.E. teacher allows for creative movement requiring direction following and large group cooperation.

Music: Music and movement is actively explored in both the regular classroom and in a once weekly half hour music class with the Holy Trinity music teacher. Again, group cooperation, active listening and following directions are practiced daily.

Religion: We are all a part of God’s big world here at Holy Trinity. A caring, Christ centered environment surrounds the children as we learn about Jesus and practice His loving example in our daily work and play. PBIS is also a part of our curriculum at Holy Trinity as we learn to practice and live the rewards if positive choices in our daily work and play.

We love visitors! To request more information about our TK (Transitional Kindergarten) program, please click HERE.